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What clients who work with me say................

Sophie Van Aanholt

Ichel you are an amazing guide! I am so grateful to have met you on this path. The wisdom you share opened me to a whole new world of awareness!
I love the way your guidance is tuned in our femininity and our intuitive side, helping us learn from all parts of ourselves, even our dark side! So much power and beauty! ???

Jenn Laforet

Ichel's guidance has allowed me to deepen my connection to my intuitive gifts and use them to co-create in both my personal life and business.
Since working with her as a coach, I'm finally able to release what's no longer serving me and step into the unknown with confidence in my ability.
Each call leaves me with a heightened awareness and sense that I'm on the right path. I no longer fear my dark edges and am learning to embrace them as I do my light. This work continues to create new openings in my life and others.

Ashley Rock Dyer

Ichel is not your average coach! She has an amazing gift for illuminating what is sometimes right in front of us and we are too close to see it while also relating things to the bigger picture. Her way of delivering a message is a perfect blend of what needs to be said in a clear, direct yet completely non-judgemental tone. Her calm strength shines through in her coaching and guidance.
This call can be tailored to whatever you need. Card readings, spiritual guidance or coaching.
If you're like most of my clients, you understand that each person and their needs are completely unique.
I don't do a one size fits all coaching package. With everything I do, I listen to guidance and intuitively tailor these calls to exactly your needs at the time.
After the call I'll let you know next steps of how you can continue working with me (price of this 30-Minute call will be taken off any package purchased) or you can choose to just take the long lasting transformational shifts received in our call!

It's totally your choice.
What These Goddesses Have To Say
About Working With Ichel......
When I first experienced Ichels coaching in action, I was blown away
She has a grounded peaceful presence which helps you tap into your own power - it's very special ❤️

-Patty Dominguez

Ichel's gift is her intuitive wisdom and coaching from the heart that helps guide you to explore and discover your personal power so that you can be the best version of your self.

-Jamie Hand

Ichel is full of wisdom and I love her loving and caring coaching style and that she shares her experiences and wisdom so openly. She creates a sacred space where I can feel protected and can openly share my questions and emotions. Her kind guidance is always so helpful to find and keep my inner power and intuition. I am so grateful that I found her!

-Heike Adam

Ichel is like a modern day medicine woman. Wise and kind, she holds a space for all of us to grow and shine. Her teachings are very deep and give room for exploration into previously completely untapped areas. Her sense of humor and willingness to be open just add to the safe feeling of the group. I am blessed to have Ichel in my life.

-Helenita Jacobs

Ichel is a powerful and feminine human that shares her gifts to the world from the depth of her heart. She has helped me reckon my higher self by leading by example. I fully trust her to guide me through the path of life while being the most connected to her higher power.

-Claudia De Pasquale

You may be hesitating to click that button and book a call, but let me ask you, where will you be 6 months from now if you don't click the button?
How much longer will you put everyone else's priorities before your own?
You know deep inside that something has to change for you to be the absolute best version of yourself so you have a choice.
You can either stay exactly where you are, making do, getting by, living a life of mediocrity that leaves you feeling ugh!

Or you can click that button and take the first steps to claiming back your personal power where anything is possible, with me as your guide every step of the way.
You can only choose one.
I don't have to tell you that a 30-minute call with me is the beginning of a clearer, more purposeful, and happy life. You can click the button now and discover it for yourself.
Yes! I Want To Work With Ichel!
What clients who work with me say................

Jahje Bath Ives

I haven't been working with Ichel for long but I have been amazed at how much I gain from every session with her. It always seems like the universe whispers into her ear exactly what you needed to learn and she delivers it with warmth, grace and insight.

Jen Stillion

Ichel has an unique ability to speak to your soul. She is all powerful, kind and incredibly wise. I have worked with Ichel for awhile and her guidance have led me to know my personal power, my worth and deepen my connection with myself. I have literally become the best real version of me because of her.

Rita Hyland

You want to sit in Ichel's energy. It raises yours when you do. Ichel is the real beautiful deal!
Don't miss out on the chance to access your own intuition and stand fully in your power!
Yes! I Want To Work With Ichel!
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