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Aligned Alchemy Podcast with Ichel Francis
Discover how all aspects of life can flow with ease when you become aligned with your deeper purpose and reclaim your personal power.
Ichel connects with the cycles of nature, inner wisdom and guidance to allow you to remember who you are and move your life from mediocre to magnificent abundance.
If you're like most women who I work with, you've probably lost a little of your true self along the way. And that's ok!
We have so many hats to wear, so many roles and responsibilities, it's easy to forget who the real you is. Sooner or later, you'll find yourself searching for a purpose, something bigger than those day to day tasks and to do lists.
It's already in you. Our ancestors knew how to tap into and maximise our internal guiding systems and intuition, self-trust.
You probably already know when you're out of balance that you need to find something to put you back into alignment.
That 'off centre' feeling you get when nothing feels quite right.
Well, mantras, yoga and meditation can only go so far.
Can't do a yoga class all day, right?
What happens afterwards, when you're back in the real world?
People who experience long lasting change know they need to work at a deeper level of guidance.

That's why I use ancient wisdom, nature's cycles and energies and exploration of your untapped intuition to guide you to a life of fulfillment and harmony where everything from your business to closest relationships, flow with ease and simplicity.

And no, I'm not your guru!

You have everything within you right now, I just show you the keys to unlock your own potential.
The fact that you're here on my page reading this means that you are already curious as to how all of this could work in your life.
But I get that you might be a little bit skeptical. I mean, it's all a little bit out there, right?
My client told me that my guidance gave her the permission and space to explore the intuitive, empathetic, divine side of herself and you know what? She now says that she never, ever wants to be without my guidance and coaching in her life. So grateful!
She has started to remember the incredible, gifted, amazing and utterly unique being that she is and the contribution that she has to give to this planet.
It's easy to imagine what could be possible for you too, is it not?
What These Goddesses Have To Say
About Working With Ichel......

Lisa Corduff

There's not many people with the depth, wisdom and insight that Ichel has. I trust her. Fully and completely.
Because she's always working from her highest self for the benefit of mine. I'd be lost without her.

Andromeda Godfrey

Ichel creates a safe space for deep exploration. She intuitively gets to the heart of the matter with a special blend of strength and kindness. I am becoming a better version of me with her guidance. Plus, her presence and sense of humour make her someone you just want to have in your life!

Jennifer Waters

Working with Ichel is like having your own personal guide to the Universe. With awe-inspiring intuition and divine guidance, she elevates those around her to a place where they can understand and tap into their personal power, femininity, and connectedness. Gently, one mind-bending revelation at a time, she guides us to make our lives and this world a better place.
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I'm Ichel..............I guide purpose-driven women to a life centred around their own intuition and unique gifts. Releasing stress, doubt and mediocrity and unlocking a life of peace, joy, fulfillment and endless possibilities all whilst evolving to the best possible version of themselves. Sounds good, right?
After spending most of my childhood and teenage years trying to belong, be accepted and conform,
I discovered 3 powerful lessons:
● Being unique and authentic with an open heart is an actual super power. Like for real.
● There has always been a Goddess within, you just have to realign and remember. She's there, trust me.
● Success looks different for everyone - don't let someone else's story become your own.
Your life, your rules.
What clients who work with me say................
Ichel Francis is intuitive and carries an air of wisdom that speaks to my soul. Her ability to coach, guide and share insights in grounded, timeless - even cosmic - knowledge sets her apart. Her gifts are many but most impressive is the ability she naturally has to hold sacred space for me and for my own awakening to my gifts. If you have the opportunity to work with this Goddess - jump all in! 
-Jill Renee Stevens
I was new to topics including intuition, moon cycles, and crystals when I first met Ichel. I love the way that she makes this special wisdom normal and easy to understand. She's wise and caring and has a fabulous sense of humor. Thanks to Ichel, I'm learning to tap into new areas of my own power. If you have the slightest bit of curiosity about these sorts of topics, definitely contact Ichel.
-Helen Iwata
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