Helping you remember your personal power through balanced divine feminine and male energy, ancient wisdom tools, and mother nature's power! 


Discover how all aspects of life can flow with ease when you become aligned with your deeper purpose and reclaim your personal power.



Helping you remember personal power through balanced divine feminine & male energy, ancient wisdom tools, and mother nature's power! 


Discover how all aspects of life can flow with ease when you become aligned with your deeper purpose and reclaim your personal power.


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In my 
Personal Power Retrieval Process,‚ĄĘ¬†we balance both the
Divine Feminine AND Divine Masculine energy.

The practices contained in this eBook offer you a taste of this comprehensive Process, helping to remove the noise of everyday life by inspiring you to tune into and connect with nature's seasons and cycles.

Unlocking your personal power within...

Discover how all aspects of life can flow with ease...

Are a you spiritual seeker ready to align with your true self? Perhaps you’re feeling like you’re out of balance, you seek to discover the depths of your power, seeking spiritual transformation, and want to flow with ease? If so, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re like most women who I work with, you've probably lost a little of your true self along the way. And that's ok! We have so many hats to wear, so many roles and responsibilities, it's easy to forget who the real you is. Sooner or later, you'll find yourself searching for your spiritual essence, something bigger than those day to day tasks and to do lists.

The good news is that it's already in you. Our ancestors knew how to tap into and maximize our internal guiding systems and intuition, self-trust. That's why I use ancient wisdom, nature's cycles and energies and exploration of your untapped intuition to guide you to a life of fulfillment and harmony where everything from your business to closest relationships, flow with ease and simplicity.

And no, I'm not your guru!

You have everything within you right now, I just show you the keys to unlock your own potential.

Trust you are here for a reason...

It's time to remember who you are! 

Welcome Goddess, I'm Ichel Francis! So glad you are here! 


I'm Ichel Francis, a Spiritual Guide & Mentor, Transformational Coach, & Moon Goddess. I help ambitious visionary entrepreneurs and spiritual seekers like you overcome your fears, surrender, and reignite your life by helping you to tap into your intuition and discover your unique spiritual gifts. I have served thousands of women release mediocrity and reach new levels of fulfillment and excellence through her Personal Power Retrieval Process™


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The Goddess Moon Circle

Is the goddess within you ready to remember who she really is? The Goddess Moon Circle is a year long experience to rediscover how to reconnect with your intuition to guide you life & business! Click below to learn more about our monthly new & full moon calls, goddess calls, and more! 



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Are you unable to fully step into who you truly are? If there is anything that has become clear to me, is that my purpose is to serve guide powerful women like you to a path of alignment and infinite possibility. Click below to learn more about my private coaching & mentorship.


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