About Me 

I'm Ichel Francis.

 The Power of "I"!  

Before I get into the traditional bio stuff, you may be thinking…

Ichel? Pronounced - “eye-ch-el.” Ichel is an unusual name. What does it mean and how do you pronounce it? I am so glad you're interested! Thank you! For me the letter 'I' has a very powerful and mystical vibration, much like the number 1. I feel this so fully that I gave all 4 of my children names beginning with the letter I.

Now for the bio stuff... I have always known that I have intuitive and psychic abilities but I refused to acknowledge it for the longest time. Putting things down to 'coincidences' and filling every moment with to-do lists, objectives and ambition. The fuller my life got, the emptier I became inside. You see words like intuitive, healer and psychic were just not acceptable to those around me. Any mention of gifts or abilities were mocked and harshly criticized. So I learned to push it all down. Hide it. Hide my true self as protection from the world.

"Perhaps you can relate too..."

I had built my life into a fairy tale glass castle. It wasn't until my mum became sick and after just a few short weeks, she passed away. The metaphorical rug was whipped out from under me and I came crashing down with that glass castle. The illusion I had of control over my life shattered along with it too.What I had to face is that there is no control. Perfection doesn't exist.

All of the things I had based my success and foundations on were illusions. I didn't know it at the time, but my mum in her infinite wisdom (thank you mum, love you!), was gifting me with one of my greatest blessings with her transition. Life was stripped back, raw and real, it hurt. However, I gained the gift of my personal power and never looked back!




I do it because I love it...


Where remembering who I am has led me to now... 


I’m now on a mission to connect with as many heart-centered women like you who may have lost their way a little just like I had. Serving as a Spiritual Guide & Mentor, Transformational Coach, & Moon Goddess, I help ambitious visionary entrepreneurs and spiritual seekers overcome their fears, surrender, and reignite their life by helping them to tap into their intuition and discover their unique spiritual gifts. I connect with people Through my 1-1 exclusive coaching, The Goddess Moon Circle, and also serving as a Senior coach for Jim Fortin, the leading expert on subconscious self-transformation and high performance, I have served thousands of women release mediocrity and reach new levels of fulfillment and excellence through my Personal Power Retrieval Process™. 



"The greatest gift of this lifetime is

to truly know ourselves. "