Quick and easy plant protein

Want to include more plant-based protein meals but don't know where to start?

A simple basics behind the science of protein will give you the understanding as to why you need to include protein in your daily diet.

3 hand illustrated charts show foods highest in plant protein so that you can make, at a glance decisions, when choosing which plant proteins to include.

This course includes 12 recipes that are quick and easy to make and are naturally high in plant protein.

These no fuss, stress free and easy to prepare recipes will ensure you can have the confidence to include plant-based meals in your daily life and make beautiful, tasty and nutitious plant based meals to share with family and friends.

This course is for you:

* if you are already vegan/vegetarian and want some higher protein options

* if you have friends or relatives who are vegan and you would like some recipes to cook for them

* if you have an active lifestyle and want to find ways of eating more plant proteins

* if you want to transition to a vegan lifestyle froma a vegeatarian one

* if you include meat and dairy in your diet but would like to add in more plant proteins

* if you have been advised to cut back on animal proteins so are looking to still get in your protein, but from a plant-based source

This course includes:

* 12 full step by step exclusive plant-based protein recipes

* 3 hand illustrated charts of foods highest in plant protein

* PDF about proteins and plant proteins

* 7 introduction videos

* Access to the instructor to ask any questions you have